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The following authors will greatly appreciate general comments on their novel, short story, or excerpt (no detailed line editing or proofreading expected unless specified).  Authors will be happy to do the same for anyone who who kindly volunteers their expertise.

How to participate as a reader:
1)   Click on the title to access the novel.  
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Word Count : 88,000

Author : Linda Roy Cross

Email :

Author's Remarks:  

Smack in the Middle is a blend of true crime and historical fiction set primarily in the 1920s, with flash backs to the late 1800s, and forwrd to 2003.  The story line is drawn from newspaper, judicial, and actual prison records acquired by the author.  Discussion questions are located at the end.  The attached is not a ready to be published copy. Corrections are yet to be made.  The author welcomes all suggestions, and especially critiquing the storyline, and flow of the flash backs.  Credit will be given to beta readers in the acknowledgments.

Much appreciation is due to whoever wishes to participate in the Real Writers Critique Exchange for mutual benefit.  Responders will be added to the RWCX list for future reference, but may opt out upon request.
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