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My printer for Moon Cactus Books is 48HrBooks.comphone 1800-231-0521. 

The quality of their website and services is outstanding.  

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•   Moon Cactus Books is an independent publishing enterprise based in Tucson, Arizona, launched in September 2009 by Molly Talbot McKinney.  Molly specializes in "cozy" and romantic mysteries set in countries she has lived in or visited. 

•   Molly's writing career began in 1966 with a course in Creative Writing at the University of Arizona. Two of her short stories were published in Ananke, the University's literary magazine.  Throughout her career as a teacher and stenographer, Molly wrote numerous parodies based on her jobs and personal experiences.  She feels indebted to Mike McKinney for helping her acquire the home that has provided the ideal environment for her writing endeavors since 1974.

•   After retiring in 1998, Molly continued creating short stories and, thanks to timely advice from friends, writing became her second career. In 2001, Suzanne Trappman introduced her to the St. Philip's Writers' Workshop which led to the Society of Southwestern Authors.  Alice Cashmore suggested joining Arizona Mystery Writers.  Marilyn Johnson recommended Romance Writers of America in 2008 and Sisters in Crime in 2012.   Earl (Mac) McGill is responsible for convincing Molly to get her act together and connect with the internet in June 2009.

•   Researching independent publishing online she stumbled upon 48 Hour Books, and with their help produced her first softcover edition in September 2009 under her own label, Moon Cactus Books.  Her publications are listed below.

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ISBN 978-1-61623-000-5 • Quality Soft Cover

Romantic mystery novelette set in southern Africa in World War II.

  A wounded WWII RAF pilot returning to Northern Rhodesia to start a flying service 

finds himself embroiled in a murder mystery predicted by a witch doctor.



ISBN 978-1-61623-001-2 • Quality Soft Cover

Cozy mystery featuring amateur detective Mrs. Mildred Mildew.

Mrs. Mildew's mysterious disappearance prompts her nephew Max to search her case files for clues.



ISBN 978-1-61623-002-9 • PDF E-book   

Contemporary romantic mystery set in Tucson, Arizona.

Rebuilding her life after accusing the wrong man of murder, courted by a handsome millionaire, 

an artist is blindsided by a second homicide.  



ISBN 978-1-61623-003-6 • PDF E-book

More Mrs. Mildew mysteries in settings around the globe.

Criminal cases written up as fiction by Mrs. Mildew and saved from oblivion  by her nephew Max.  


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