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Three thesauri to stimulate the author's creativity (not to copy in the "canned" form) :


Construct the story like a movie with long shots, medium shots and closeups.  To plan pacing, temporarily color the text:  

Long shot = location, general description.  Medium shot = action, character description.  Closeup = dialogue, thoughts, emotions, body language.  


Opinions not spoken by the character make the reader conscious of the author. 

Compare:  The gears made a terrible grinding noise vs.  The gears made a grinding noise.   The latter allows readers to draw on their own memories of grinding noises, giving them a more personal connection to the story.

Compare: Long hair balanced his premature bald spot vs.  Long hair framed his premature bald spot.  "Balanced" is judgmental, while "framed" is a fact also available to the character.

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